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Dolores del Río: Cuando la leyenda se convierte en un Doodle de Google

 08/09/2017 - 14:56
"Celebrating Dolores del Río" by Google 

Mucho antes de que los rostros de Ana de la Reguera, Kate del Castillo, Penélope Cruz y Salma Hayek abandonaran las portadas de la  ¡HOLA! y Vanidades para embellecer los tabloides de Hollywood y las colas de las salas ACME, había existido ya una belleza española de gran talento: Dolores del Río.


Dolores del Río: When Legends become Doodles

 08/03/2017 - 13:48
"Celebrating Dolores del Río" by Google 

Acclaimed "Golden Age" Mexican actress Dolores del Río is honored today in a floral Google Doodle as gorgeous as she was. A society heiress, a mistress to Orson Welles, a victim of McCarthyism, a spokeswoman for UNICEF, and a beauty that reportedly slept "sixteen hours a day" to keep her youthful looks, here's a look at the life of Dolores. 

Ballet with Latino accent

 05/08/2015 - 10:49
From left to right: Arian Molina, Ángel Corella, Mayara Pineiro and Etienne Diaz, from Pennsylvania Ballet. Photo: Samantha Madera/Al Día News. 

Now more than ever, Hispanic blood circulates through the veins of Pennsylvania Ballet. At the heart is the legendary Spanish dancer Ángel Corella, who worked his way through the ranks of the company to become its artistic director last fall, and three of the ballet’s young and promising stars: Mayara Pineiro, Arian Molina Soca and Etienne Díaz. They are Cuban dancers who embody the most recent talent with a Latino flare that grows increasingly stronger in Philadelphia.

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